“Cat” by Shaudin Melgar-Foraster

This website was born after the publication of my novel for teen readers Beyond the Dream, a translation into English from the original novel in Catalan Més enllà del somni, the first of a saga of four novels from which the second instalment is also published in Catalan. I have also published another novel, written in Catalan, as well as short stories included in anthologies and magazines.

At the top of this page are a series of links to other pages that you can access. One of them is titled “This Blog”. There I post articles about Beyond the Dream, although that is not the only topic. You may also find some posts about Catalonia and its culture interesting. I highly recommend those concerning recent developments in Catalonia’s march to independence —after all, it is history in the making.

Thank you for your visit.

Catalonia I Love You