Book Presentation at The Annex Live

Last Thursday I made a presentation of my book at a place that is both a restaurant and a live jazz local. The translator of my novel, author Caroline Roe, presented with me.

I chose The Annex Live because it not only has a stage but is also at the core of the Annex district in Toronto. The Annex is the district where Anna, the main character of Beyond the Dream, lives. And I happen to live there too. 

First I read in Catalan from the original novel Més enllà del somni.

Then, Caroline Roe read a passage from Beyond the Dream (the English version).

I spent the remaining two hours answering questions from the audience about my novel. A few of the people had already read the book, therefore they wanted tips about the following books. The rest of the audience were very eager to know about the process of writing the novel.

There was a very good interaction between the audience and myself. I had a great time!


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4 Responses to Book Presentation at The Annex Live

  1. Nico Torti says:

    Wow, it looks like you had a great presentation at The Annex Live. It`s nice to see that your book is continuing to grow in popularity.

    I`ve read through most of Beyond the Dream, and am especially fond of the the political undertones of your story. It`s always interesting to read something and see artifacts of other ideas buried beneath the main storyline.

    Anyway, all the best.


    • Hi Nico,
      Thanks a lot for your comment. I’m also interested to see what other ideas are buried beneath the main story line when I read a novel.
      I hope you’ll tell us how you found the whole book once you finish it.

  2. Roxanne says:

    I have always wanted to ask you about the process of writing a novel, I assume it would require a lot of patience. I wish I knew about this presentation, it is definitely something that I would attend.

    • Hi Roxanne,
      Thank you for your comment. Writing a novel requieres many things and one of them is patience, yes, but it’s very enjoyable at the same time.
      I promise I will tell you when I have another book presentation open to the public. I’ll be glad to have you there.

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