If you have read Beyond the Dream you know that up on a mountain there is a castle overlooking the Town of Rocdur. It is the infamous Castle of Rocdur. It is inhabited by the Lord and his people. Among them are a selected few, the Keeper of the Mirrors and his team, six men altogether. They are the Wise Men who work in the Hall of Mirrors.

In Beyond the Dream the description of the Hall of Mirrors is as follows:

“The Hall is spacious and contains six mirrors at which the wise men usually work. The mirrors are used, mostly, for spying operations, a difficult task that requires great concentration on their part. They are to watch enemies, but are also useful for finding one of their own men.” (31-32)

In a way, the mirrors function as a sort of computer and the wise men, well – I suppose they are really government workers. But the Hall of Mirrors does not resemble an office. The Hall of Mirrors is quite dark –all the rooms in the Castle are. The only illumination comes from two torches perched on the back wall, casting shadows over the oppressive room. Because even the considerable size of the hall and its high ceiling cannot dispel the overwhelming feeling of stuffiness and enclosure.

The mirrors are also dark, barely reflecting those who stand in front of them. It is only when the images they are seeking flicker in their smooth surface, that colours, movement and voices dissipate the dimness, dullness and silence that fills in the hall. But the shimmer, the images and the sounds hardly ever appear – except in a couple of mirrors on lucky days. The rest of the time the hall is in gloomy darkness.

The unpleasant atmosphere of the place is made worse because of the large table that stands against the wall in front of the mirrors. Its surface covered with bottles of different sizes, all full of blood. The dark red that fills the bottles intensifies the lugubrious atmosphere of the Hall of Mirrors.

On page 232 of Beyond the Dream we learn that the six “mirrors had been in the Castle from remote times, before the Lord of Rocdur”. And, dear readers, I must leave it at that. I cannot give you more information, yet, about the origin of the mirrors. It is still a secret. You’ll find the explanation in one of the books that will follow Beyond the Dream.


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8 Responses to THE HALL OF MIRRORS

  1. Anna says:

    OH. Que guapo. Felicita al teu fill. Quants anys té? M’agrada molt.
    Escolta, tenint un fill que dibuixa així, potser ja no t’hauries de preocupar de cercar imatges, no creus?

    • Moltes gràcies. Ja li diré al meu fill que t’ha agradat. Quants anys té? Bé, ja és un home, no et pensis que és un nen petit. Sempre ha dibuixat bé, i no ho ha heretat pas de mi perquè de dibuixar no hi entenc un borrall, però mai no s’hi ha dedicat. Ara sempre està molt enfeinat i no té temps de fer dibuixos per a mi, a més, quan dibuixa, li agrada fer les seves coses. Em va prometre que em faria aquest de la Sala dels Miralls, probablement per tal que jo no insistís més, però dubto que aconsegueixí que me’n faci d’altres –potser algun de tant en tant. A més ell només dibuixa en blanc i negre i jo necessito imatges en color. Aquesta de la Sala dels Miralls ja anava bé sense color, però.
      Una abraçada,

  2. Andrew says:

    I find the hall of mirrors an interesting illustration of how the Rocdurian lord attempts to take over not only his world, but any world that is known to him. It definitely shows his tyrannical nature. However, from where I am in the middle of the book, the hall of mirrors still remain a mystery. I’m quite curious to find out just how much the Rocdurians are able to infiltrate through the use of this magic. They seem hidden in a very dark place. Anyway, I’m looking forward to reading more. It’s nice to escape to this vivid new world.

  3. Maite says:

    Pel que veig, no ets l’única artista de la família, guapa!
    La imatge resulta realment suggeridora…
    Enhorabona a tots dos per la feina ben feta!
    Una abraçada doble,

  4. Andrew says:

    I’m glad to see that the hall of mirrors is now longer accessible to the evil lord. I hope that he won’t find an equal means to use for his treacherous plot against the world, and the world beyond, and those beyond the beyond. I must add that I thoroughly enjoy this world and it’s regions outside of Rocdur, especially Fosca and Pot.

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