Yesterday, July 10, the Catalan people asserted that they want to break with Spain. Using the slogan “We are a Nation. We Decide”, and raising thousands upon thousands of Catalan flags, Catalans had a demonstration in Barcelona with an attendance of one and a half million people. The demonstrators included people of all ages, political ideologies, social status and representatives of Catalan institutions. This event also saw demonstrations held throughout the rest of Catalonia. The Basque Country gave its support to the people of Catalonia as well. Catalans living abroad gathered together or organized smaller rallies in Paris, Toulouse, London, Dublin, Berlin, Quito and New York. This has been the first massive demonstration for independence in Catalonia.

 This did not come out of the blue; the independent movement has been gaining momentum for a long time. For instance, there have been numerous referendums on independence organized by thousands of civilians since September 2009. The last event, though, happened recently, when the Constitutional Court of Spain changed the articles of Catalonia’s Statute of Autonomy. The result of the changes left Catalonia with reduced rights within the the Spanish state, which, to the majority of Catalans, is intolerable. Among what are considered to be a series of acts of legal butchery to the document, one in particular has infuriated Catalans: the Constitutional Court of Spain has decided that Catalonia is not a nation. The changes in the Statute are a slap in the face for Catalans. Therefore, Catalans have decided that enough is enough. We are a Nation and we decide our future.

And a picture from London, England


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  1. vermelldelx says:

    Great post as always. It gives a particularly precise account on what happened yesterday in Barcelona. I followed the whole thing live on Catalan Channel TV3 some 550 km. south at the southern borderline of Catalan language and culture, the city of Elx in the Valencian Country (País Valencià).
    Thanks again Shaudin, moltes gràcies

  2. Andrew says:

    Hello Professor,
    This must be infuriating to Catalans since you are an individual self-governing culture. There seems to be great support for your cause. Unfortunately, I’m not so informed on Catalonia’s past conflict with Spain only that many of your rights were denied during the Franco regime. I hope to learn much more about it in the fall in your Catalan Culture class. I hope you will have some Catalan literature translated into English or Spanish.
    Que pase un dia excellente!

    • Hi Andrew! Nice to hear from you. I’m glad that you’ll be taking my Catalan Culture class in the fall. I like to have good students in my class. I think you’ll enjoy it. And don’t worry, you’ll learn a lot about Catalonia and the rest of the Catalan Countries. Yes, I’ll have Catalan literature translated into English: poetry, short stories, novels. There will also be books written in English about the history of Catalonia. Some of them you’ll find in Glendon’s library and others can be ordered from Keele campus.
      Enjoy the rest of the summer!

  3. Andrew says:

    By the way, are you working on any more books? Your novel left many loose threads in the plot but it does not have an open ending. This can only mean that it is part of a series. Besides, you told me in class that there is more, yet I haven’t seen anything other than Beyond the Dream.

    • Yes, of course. I almost finished the second novel, the one that follows Beyond the Dream. First it will be published in Catalan. There’ll be 4 books in total until the whole story is finished (including Beyond the Dream).

  4. joan says:

    YES, WE CAN !!! Catalonia the next state of Europe. Thanks , Shaudin.

  5. Irfon says:

    Although I travelled quite extensively throughout Spain earlier this year in April, I had no clue that Catalonia was so different from the rest of Spain! Barcelona is truly an amazing city and everyone was so courteous and willing to help! The movement only shows the uniqueness of this region and why it should be recognized in some sort of way! The in-depth history of this region is very important to World history and should be more widely known! I am glad that I have taken your course because of the amount of excellent facts and historic events you cover! It has certainly given me a different perspective on Spain and will certainly make me paying a lot more attention to this region!

    • Hi Irfon,
      I know you just started to learn about Catalonia, but remember that although Catalonia is considered a region inside the Spanish State, it’s actually a nation.
      Just wait until you learn more, you’ll see how many things you’ll discover about Catalonia.
      Thanks a lot for your comment!

  6. Catherine says:

    The hedonism of Spanish imperalism is never more evident than in this article. Catalan, thanks in part to the booming costal port in Barcelona, is more than capable of self-goverance and will flourish without the undying suppression of this ancient regime.
    Your posts are enthralling; thank you.

  7. Nikolai says:

    It is interesting to see how the various Catalan communities abroad are able to get organized and seemingly cooperate. I wonder how the independence movement in Catalonia and abroad have reacted to the ICJ ruling on Kosovo? Although that is a situation that came about in very different circumstances (with a terrible war), I was wondering how the independence movements are reacting to the ruling on their unilateral declaration of independence.

    • Nikolai,
      Just few days ago, on October 9, there was a referendum for Catalonia’s independence in the United States –in San Diego and New York. All Catalan residents in the US where able to vote. The result was 95% in favour of independence. This is their website:


      The reaction to the ICJ ruling on Kosovo has been of great joy, according to what I’ve seen in newspapers and forums. It is a good precedent for nations seeking independence.

  8. Geology says:

    Great website – love it.

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