A Catalan Jazz Band

Some musicians of the Sant Andreu Jazz Band

In the Sant Andreu district of Barcelona, Catalonia, there is a school of music. There are many schools of music in Barcelona, but this particular one is the cradle of the Sant Andreu Jazz Band, composed entirely of young musicians, some as young as 8 years old. And they are fantastic! It is the European jazz band with the youngest musicians and is already participating in numerous jazz festivals. In some performances they play alone and in others they are accompanied by famous jazz musicians. The creator of the band and its musical director is Joan Chamorro.

Here are some videos so you can judge for yourselves. Don’t miss it!




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11 Responses to A Catalan Jazz Band

  1. gille says:

    fantastic those young players !!any possibility to visit this school ?
    I’ll be in Barcelona for a week in November
    thanks for any reply

  2. Andrew says:

    Wow! These guys are very talented, and such nice kids. I really enjoyed the videos and seeing what passion for music and how much fun they have. Maybe they can come play for us here in Canada sometime.

  3. Sharina says:

    I really enjoyed watching the videos. They’re still young but they are very talented and they play with precision. Hope to see more of their latest videos. :)

  4. Mohammad says:

    These guys were awesome… i loved their enthusiasm for the music… it was so uplifting…

  5. Luis says:

    I am very very impressed! They are very talented! The music really got to me! They have a very bright future ahead of them!

    I read in a post above that they have two CDs out. I think it would make a great christmas present. Where can i find them?

  6. Joan Chamorro: Direcció
    Montse Jorba: Ajudant de Direcció
    21 nens, nenes i joves músics de 9 a 19 anys

    Sant Andreu Jazz Band és una formació nascuda a l’Escola Municipal de Música de Sant Andreu l’any 2006 que es va estrenar oficialment en l’apartat de jazz jove del Festival Internacional de Jazz de Terrassa.

    Durant l’any 2010 han realitzat més de 25 concerts entre els quals cal destacar els festivals de jazz de Girona, Sant pol, Premià de Dalt , Platja d’Aro… i, juntament amb la Locomotora Negra i la Barcelona Jazz Orquestra, van fer el concert del tancament del Festival de Jazz de Barcelona, al Palau de la Música, amb l’espectacle Tres Bigbands Tres Generacions.

    També, durant aquest 2010 han gravat el seu segon CD-DVD, JAZZING vol 2, on col.laboren alguns dels millors músics del panorama mundial del jazz: Dick Oatts, Perico Sambeat, Matthew Simon, Ken Peplowski, Bobby Gordon, Ignasi Terraza, Esteve Pi. Tambe han col•laborat amb músics com Scott Robinson, Carlos Martin, Juli Aymi, Clara Sallago, Pepe Robles, Josep Traver, etc.

    El seu repertori està format per temes de dixieland, New Orleans i de swing, amb arranjaments per big band de Count Basie i Duke Ellington, entre d’altres.

    La SANT ANDREU JAZZ BAND,ha estat escollida per votació popular com “Millor nova proposta” en els Premis Jaç 2009, que organitza el grup Enderrock.

  7. Maria Afaq says:

    Amazing! The talent is so evident! I truly enjoyed these songs!

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