Work keeps me away from this blog for too long but some Catalan news is so tremendously important that I am impelled to write a post. As was the case last year, today’s post arises from the events on the 11th of September that in the last two years have transformed Catalonia’s national day into a demand for independence. You can read last year’s post here to keep track of history in the making of this mediterranean nation.

This year’s national demonstration has been called Catalan Way Toward Independence. A human chain extended throughout 400 kilometres along the coast, from Vinarós (Valencia, inside the Spanish State) to El Pertús (Northern Catalonia, in the State of France), to tell the world Catalans want their own State. One million six hundred thousand people joined hands at 17:14 hours, a reference to the year 1714 when Barcelona ―the last place still standing up to the Bourbonic army― was taken and Catalonia was integrated by force into the new State of Spain.

Via Catalana

If last year’s colossal demonstration in Barcelona for the independence of Catalonia caught the attention of the media around the world, this year’s human chain achieved even more wide spread attention. It was impossible to ignore such an endeavour by the Catalans. Can you imagine not only the amazing number of people and the extension of the human chain but also the organization requiered to acomplish it? One has to applaud the people of Catalonia for their enthusiasm, effort, perseverance, coordination and, let’s not forget, the exemplary manner in which everything was performed. Once more Catalans have demonstrated a high level of civility.

Between August 1 and September 11 the Catalan Way was also built in numerous countries around the world: Canada, China, Argentina, England, Germany, Gambia, Nepal, Australia and many, many more. In Valencia, the Balearic Islands, Andorra and Alghero (Sardinia), all part of the Catalan Countries, other human chains were also formed on September 11 2013.

Human Chain

There cannot be a doubt in anybody’s mind that Catalans want to secede from Spain, to once again have their own country, the sovereignty to make their own decisions like any other free country, to regain what was brutally taken from them in 1714 by an artificial construction called Spain. How many massive demonstrations and gigantic human chains are necessary to obtain freedom?

Link to The Guardian (including many photos of the Catalan Way)

The Catalan Way in Toronto (Canada)

The Catalan Way in London (England)

The Catalan Way in Catalonia


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  1. Steve Norton says:

    Please forgive my ignorance but how does this differ from Quebec wanting to secede from Canada? I can certainly understand patriotic pride, and recall how passionately you spoke of this cause. I also recall it being mentioned how much financial support Catalan infused to Spain, probably making them more reluctant to sever. Perhaps outside support also not wanting the union dissolved because without the support Spain becomes a greater burden to the rest of the EU. What a phenomenal gesture of that size though can’t go unnoticed, but how can independence be won outside of Spain’s permission…?

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