Another September 11th and another huge demonstration for independence in Catalonia. Well thought out, highly successful and perfectly peaceful and civilized, as all other rallies for independence have been in this Mediterranean nation (last year here). This time it gathered up to 2 million people, becoming the second largest demonstration in European history. In Barcelona two million Catalans dressed in red and yellow T-shirts formed an enormous V ―for victory, for vote, for voluntat, Catalan for “will”― that stretched 11 km along two main avenues. Needless to say, it was accompanied by Catalan independence flags and songs and a good spirit.


Hopefully this will be the last rally needed before achieving their separation from the Kingdom of Spain, because this year, on the 9th of November, the Catalan people want to have a referendum to vote for independence. A perfectly normal wish, to vote in a referendum, a right in any democratic country. However, the response of the Spanish government to this issue is prohibition. It proscribes the people of Catalonia to express themselves in a democratic manner, by voting. Therefore, the Catalans will have to find a way to have an official referendum despite Spain’s intolerance.


In addition, this September 11th of 2014 has marked exactly the 300 years since the fall of Barcelona after a horrific siege, when Catalonia lost its independence and was annexed as a colony to the Kingdom of Spain. In the History of England (1732), Nicolas Tindal wrote the following:

The Catalans . . . underwent the utmost miseries of a siege; during which multitudes perished by famine and the sword, many were afterwards executed, and many persons of figure were dispersed about the Spanish Dominions and dungeons.

Since then and for 300 years Catalonia has been under the control of the newly created country called Spain which despises anything Catalan. The Catalans have been mocked, insulted, oppressed and robbed by Spain which to this day claims its right of conquest. For 300 years! Wouldn’t you agree that enough is enough?



About Shaudin Melgar-Foraster

University professor and writer
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